Wildmoos Lake Route
Wildmoos Lake cross-country skiing trail

You will find one of the most photogenic and unique routes from the Wildmoosalm. Here you can expect a mere 49 metres of altitude difference over 2.9 kilometres, but much that you would measure on longer routes. From sunny plateaus to picturesque forest sections to an idyllic clearing in a cool basin, each section offers something to marvel at. The route also takes you across a fascinating natural phenomenon. The Wildmoos Lake is a natural lake that does not recur regularly and fills up with water from snowmelt and precipitation. Therefore, in winter it is possible to ski directly across the lake on the cross-country ski trail. However, the basin location also brings much colder temperatures than on the plateaus. The trail runs from the Wildmoosalm to the lake and back again. For a tasty snack before or after the round, the Wildmoosalm is at your disposal. Here you will find delicious delicacies, warming drinks and tangy refreshments.

Hard Facts
  • Start: Wildmoosalm
  • End: Wildmoosalm
  • Highlight: Cross-country skiing trail seal of approval
  • Style: Classic & Skating
  • Route length: 2.9 km
  • Ascent: 49 m
  • Level: Easy
Free of charge
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