Rafting on the Isar
Rafting on the Isar

It gets particularly wet on or rather in the Isar. Here, no one can guarantee that you will stay dry, because rafting is hot. Hot also in contrast to the water, which is usually rather cold. But don't worry, there is protective equipment for this, such as a neoprene suit. This makes it easier to withstand the cold water temperature. Most of the time, your focus is probably on keeping your balance and staying on track anyway. Not so easy with all the current in the Isar. But besides the adrenaline-pumping sections, you can also enjoy the quieter ones here. The beautiful nature and the crystal-clear mountain stream are something you don't get to see every day and from this particular angle, which is why this environment is extremely impressive. For six to ten participants, you go along the stream in several 2-man canoe inflatable boats. You will spend about two and a half hours on this tour, depending on your speed of course.

Hard Facts
  • Start: Scharnitz Info Centre
  • When: Every Friday in summer
  • Start time: 14:45
  • Duration: 02:30 hours
  • Max. Number of participants: 10
  • Registration: until Thursday at 17:00
  • Level: Medium
from € 36,00
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